Dwayne Johnson Returns In Skyscraper (2018) as an Amputee, You Will Definitely Fall in Love With Him!

There is nothing more stunning than watching a family man fight for his right, and definitely of all, protect his family. Watch out for Dwayne this coming July!. Straight from Rampage, Dwayne returns to the popular screens with “Skyscraper”, a film that will have you question your position in life. He is a precious man, sort of a lifetime gift you will yearn for.

Dwayne Johnson Returns In Skyscraper (2018) as an Amputee, You Will Definitely Fall in Love With Him!

His day begins with his family, tossing hugs and kisses, wears a suit that actually disguises his amputated leg. Universal and legendary’s watch Skyscraper online trailer. You can’t know that unless you have met him in his bedroom.

How the Action Begins!

Dwayne Johnson comes as Will Sawyer, a former leader of an FBI rescue team. Having fallen out with the group, he currently assesses security systems for skyscrapers in town. He also resides in the tallest building and probably the safest building in Hong Kong together with his family. As an intelligent man, Sawyer identifies several security risks of the building, but this is overlooked by his bosses.

It’s not long that the building’s security system is compromised and the building is subjected to several terrorist acts. Out on the streets, he is forced to return home to save his family that lies in a skyscraper with terrorists. Making his way through rails and a fiery fire, Sawyer manages to meet his family, but unfortunately, the terrorists have already marked them. From there, the extent to which a man can fight for his family is illustrated.

It’s a Roller Coaster!

Certainly, Skyscraper is a blockbuster you must check out this summer. It is styled and sophisticated and can’t be overlooked from any angle. Dwayne puts off a captivating performance and it’s surely worth it. His remarkable performance can be compared to Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series or probably one of it’s kind.

Skyscraper is directed-written by Rawson M. Thurber, whereas Beau Flynn, Dwayne Johnson, and Hiram Garcia come as it’s producers. Apart from Dwayne Johnson, the film stars Neve Campbell, Pablo Schreiber, Chin Han, Roland Møller, Hannah Quinlivan, Byron Mann, Noah Taylor, and Beatrice King.

The film will officially be released by Universal Pictures on July 13, 2018, but its release date stretches from France on 11 July. The film will be lastly released in Japan in September of this year. We predict Skyscraper to be a blockbuster and will obviously gross more than Rampage.

Author: Jalen Rose