Marvel Revel Super Villain Venom Origin

Marvel Cinematic Universe one again going to break all box office records in its new upcoming Horror sci-fi movie Venom. In the past years marvel always made movies on their Superheroes characters. But in the first time of history. Marvel is coming to the cinema with the Super villain Venom. No body known about the origin of Marvels Venom except David Michelinie. As he is the creator of Venom character in his comics. The story of the novel is adapted from the Marvels comic and this time Marvel is going to show you how a common man become Venom after a tragic accident. The movie is going to revel all the hidden secrets about Venom.

The leading role of Venom has been performed by Tom Hardy. He play the role of Eddie Brock/ Venom in the movie. According to the trailers first of all a medical experiment has been performed by Carlton Drake. He is responsible for all the bad things happened in the movie. Eddie Brock become the victim of a bad experiment and turned in to Venom.

venomEddie Brock is a common man in he movie and after changing completely in to the venom. He can’t control him self and kill peoples one by one. Still it is mysterious thing that who will stop Venom in the movie. In the comic Venom’s old enemy is spider man. But Marvel still hiding who will stop the Marvel super villain Venom. Well all the secrets are revel in the movie. So you have to watch Venom 2018 online movie to know who stop him.

Author: Kevin Willis