Captain America (1990)

A boy is kidnapped & his family put to death in Italy (1936). Government officials kill Tadzio de Santis’s family. They want the child for an experiment, a project to make Fascist soldier. Only one person, Dr. Maria shows disinterest in this thing, in the process runs away to US to serve there.

Post seven years, American’s finds someone who offers to help, Steve Rogers, a commando, who is asked to leave, because of his illness (polio). Rogers transforms into a super hero, but the Nazi spy can’t see this happening, so they kill Vaselli, while Tadzio is the Red Skull and plans to launch a missile at White House, When the Missile reaches Washington DC, it is photographed by a young boy, called Thomas Kimball, meanwhile due to Captain America’s instructions, the missile is forcefully sent to Alaska, remaining frozen for about 50 years.

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