Captive State (2019)

A science fiction crime flick with an exciting plot, made under the guidance of the Rupert WyattEscapist director, Rupert Wyatt, authored by Wyatt & Erica Beeney.

Why the state was made a prisoner?

Under the direction of Rupert Wyatt (famous for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Gambler), the film tries to explore both sides of conflict of co-workers & protestors. For more, you have to wait until the film hits the big screen, & when is that, well, read on to know.

Fun facts

John Goodman & Kevin Dunn have been seen together in two of Transformers flicks, but didn’t appear together in any.



Reserve your seats

For all those who are waiting to reserve their seats & hop onto your favourite flavour of popcorn & nachos, along with some Coke / Pepsi, hold onto your breath, because you can do it on the 29th March 2019, yes, there is some time for this exciting flick to release. Until then, bye! bye! ,

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