Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Reed Richards and Sue Storm are all getting ready to get married, while a mysterious object makes its way into earth, making hollow holes all across the globe. Reed is directed by one defense person named, General Hager to know about its whereabouts and locate about its movements. Throughout their wedding, Reed keeps the system which indicates something approaching New York City, due to which a blackout occurs from the system. He chases the object; it is found that it is a man like creature. Johnny is dragged somewhere far, gets injured to the extent that he loses his consciousness for quite some time. After doing a little bit of research, reed concludes that the planets that the alien visited have all been destroyed.

Reed & Sue, wish to live a happy life  & also wish to start their family, post marriage, but don’t come to know that Johnny has heard them talking. Reed assumes that since the crater is creating havoc all across the globe, so it will enter London, also. The team is too late in stopping the crater, which has by now, disrupted everything, the Holy River of Thames is been drained by them, but gladly the famous London eye is saved,

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