Fantastic Four (2015)

Four childhood buddies, Reed, Johnny, Susan, Ben and Susan, work together on a broadcast, since they have started knowing each other, which attracts Professor Franklin Storm’s attention, who’s also the director of Baxter Foundation, which is a research institute, sponsored by government to enhance the capabilities of whiz – kids. Reed is enrolled to join & help Storm’s children, scientist Sue & technician Johnny, into finishing the task of “Quantum Gate”

NASA undertake a parallel dimension, named ‘Planet Zero”. Totally, heartbroken that they were not selected, they go on an inoperative journey to Planet Zero, which they don’t realize sooner is filled with worldly things. Victor touches the substance, resembling green-lava, making them assume that they are standing to explode. Johnny, Ben and Reed go back to their space craft while sue gets them back on Planet Earth and eventually Victor is killed, after he falls into the crumbling landscape.

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