Alice through the Looking Glass (2016)
Alice through the Looking Glass (2016)

It is upcoming fantasy adventure movie that is the sequel to movie Alice in wonderland. It has the fantasy and magical along with the adventures stuff that can struck the audience into the cinemas

Movie starts with the ground that Alice has spent her last three years in following her father’s footprints and sailing into seas. But her return to London from Asia took her to the point when she took mysterious decision that clears about motive for rest life. When she re counter with caterpillar named Absolem then she finds a magical looking glass and came to know about the fantastical world of underland that has a entrance from the white rabbits hole.

So In the age of nineteen she got opportunity to return to the magical world of her childhood friends. She discovers some mysterious things about the Hatter whom she met in the seventh year of her age. She came to know about the madness of him that was increasing due to some haunted past events but he was reluctant to disclose them.

Therefore to rescue her childhood friend she encounter with the Time who is the magical creature and partially human and partially clock. Time is possessing one Chronosphere that was helpful for her to enter into the past. Even she got warning that she could not win the race against the time and can change the past but still she enter into the past and reunite her friends to save the Hatter from heartbreaking end.

During her journey to the past she came to know about the hits and misses of her friends and enemies that made them like this in present. During her adventurous against the time make her understand about the way to save Hatter and to end the Terror of Red queen.

IMDB: /10

Alice through the Looking Glass (2016)


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