11 Naughtiest Bits about the Fifty Shades.

11 Naughtiest Bits about the Fifty Shades.

fifty shades freed Film poster - fiftyshadesfreed.wsFifty Shades of Grey involve the rough relation of the college student named Ana with the dashing Christian. This is the love story of the young college graduate and blissful millionaire. This movie contains the innocent sweet beauty. In this movie Ana has to share the Christian’s Red Room of the pain. There are huge numbers of the people that think that 50 shades of Grey have a large amount of the adult fantasy.

Star Dakota Johnson has a bright future in the fifty shades of Grey due to adult scenes.
There are large numbers of the raciest and corners of Ana’s soft corn porn series. Christian has leaned down, her and kisses her a lot. His fingers are moving on his body. His thumbs are circling and pressing. There are numbers of the scenes that will definitely highlight their chemistry.


Fifty shades of Ana and Christian are back in Fifty shades of Freed

In the trailers, you will see Christian controlling nature. But there are the events that go out of the control when her boss Jack Hyde will return to take the revenge. This is going to be the most successful movie.

Ana shows pregnant in the trailers of Fifty shades of Freed.

fifty shades freed Film poster 2 - fiftyshadesfreed.ws

In the trailer, you will notice that Ana is pregnant.

Jack Hyde tries to kidnap Ana in Fifty shades of Freed

When the Ana reached home after meeting his friend, there is the Jack Hyde, who kidnap her. He has kidnapped her successfully. But they will demand $5 million as the ransom money.

Christian ex-affair, creating trouble in their life in Fifty shades of Freed
The ex-affair of the Christian will create trouble in their life. The trouble will become more cumbersome when the Jack has willed out of the jail.
Fifty Shades of Grey are both tasteful and artistic.  The trailers have shown a large amount of the sex and romance.

Christian will gift the publishing company in Fifty shades of Grey.

After the couple returns from their honeymoon, She will very upset with her new surname. She is interested to take her surname back. Then Christian has gifted her the new company called Grey Publishing.

Christian has left his business trip in Fifty shades of Freed.

Christian will leave his business trip because he is having overprotective wishes towards the Ana. Ana will consume an excessive amount of the drinks with his friend. But her former boss will try to kidnap, but there is duck tape in her pocket, which alarm the police and they will arrest him.
Christian will give surprise on Ana’s birthday in Fifty shades of Freed.

On Ana’s birthday, he will plan the surprise the birthday party for her. He will invite all her friends, family members, etc. He will gift the Audi R 8.
Elena will help Christian how to control his life in Fifty shades of Freed
Elena had helped Christian how to control his life by introducing himself to the world of BDSM. He is very much indulged with the horrible memories of her mother. Then her wife will feel guilty for her behavior.

Happy Ending as usual at the end in Fifty shades of Freed

Over the two years, both will have their own son whose name is Theodore Raymond Grey. His nickname is Teddy. After the six months of a child, she again pregnant with the girl. She will decide that her name will be Phoebe. Both Ana and Christian will celebrate the second birthday of their son.

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