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Mother! (2017)
Mother! (2017)

Coming in from our award-winning Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, Mother! is a no joke when it comes to captivation. The mystery, horror and drama film is directed and written by Darren Aronofsky. Indeed a mystery movie, Mother! Unleashes the unexplainable events that are realized once He places a crystal object on a pedestal. He is an acclaimed author, struggling with the writer’s block in a house that was previously burned by fire.

The house suddenly morphs to a new building and she is formed in the bed wondering where He is. She starts visualizing certain things, some of which indicate a heart beating in the wall. As days pass, the unexpected visitor shows up at the door and He openly receives him despite she’s refusal. During his stay, the man starts coughing which totally annoys she. The next day, the visitor’s wife also knocks on the door and she becomes frustrated.

He persuades her that they are his fans, the man is dying, and that they came to see the man’s work. Accidentally, Man and Woman break and destroy the crystallized object and the woman throws the visitors out. The man and woman’s two sons arrive and begin fighting over the will that their father had left because it appears that the oldest son will get nothing from it. As they fight, the oldest son injures the young one rushing him to the hospital.

The next chapter alters everything as He announces that the boy has died. She becomes uncontrollable yet more people come to mourn. She then kicks them out and an argument erupts between the man and the woman which ends by having sex. She announces that she is pregnant the next morning. Once it landed the man’s ears, he jubilates and becomes active, thereby finishing his book.

IMDB: /10

Mother! (2017)


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