Night School (2018)

Movie: Night School (2018), Malcolm D.Lee comes up with a hilarious, over the roof, comedy which will set you on a laughing spree once you settle with the popcorn and the coke in the theatre. The characters will have you in splits with their antics. Truly, there is never a dull moment once the actors of the film get into action. The film is based on the working professionals coming from diverse backgrounds who have no option but to attend a night school to enhance their qualification and land up with more lucrative jobs. The night school students are a mischievous lot, who think it’s going to be a cakewalk to pass the GED exam and finish the course. They try to take all sorts of shortcuts to pass the exam, but their teacher is always one step ahead in figuring out what they are actually up to. The result when both meet up at the Pied Mont night school? An absolutely high spirited, uproarious drama which plays out every night. The principal’s eccentric personality adds to the already chaotic mess.  Warning: You might suffer from a stomach ache and teary eyes due to excessive laughter. Do take care.


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