Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments Season 3

The popular teen drama series is back this season after a long period of the anxious wait by the fans.The series is based on supernatural characters called shadowhunters who are a rare mix of humans and angels.The series is based on the book The Mortal instruments written by Cassandra Clare.The first season enticed it’s audience when it was aired on January 12, 2016.The protagonist of the series is Cary Fray.She grows up believing or rather taking it for granted that she is human,what else is she supposed to think anyway as she appears to be totally ‘human’?On her eighteenth, She further discovers, to her amazement that as an extraordinary being, it’s her job to hunt down humans.The show climbed up the viewership charts right from day one and has one GLAAD award and two teen choice awards to its credit.

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