The Cakemaker (2017)

Losing a loved one is always shattering. Different people have different ways to deal with it; some cannot imagine that they have lost someone, while some look for a shoulder to cry on to.

Oren (Miller), an Israeli businessman travels to different parts & also to Berlin. In Berlin, he mostly visits a café Thomas, who is the owner there, makes some lip smacking dishes that Oren is always drawn to. Once Thomas is waiting for him, eagerly but there are no signs of his messages or calls, leave alone Oren himself isn’t available since long. Thomas, himself decides to go to Berlin office, only to find out that Oren has been killed in a car accident. Thomas, then leaves for Jerusalem & comes to know of a café started by Oren’s wife Anat. Thomas, in desperate need to know the truth behind Oren’s death, asks for a job at Anat’s café & gets one, as a dishwasher. But, but, but, wait… Can he keep himself away from cooking & baking, I suppose, no, because Anats brother who is quite distrustful comes to know of them. On the other hand, Thomas & Anat grow a bond with each other; Anat is also clueless about her late husband’s & Thomas relationship. Her son also starts liking Thomas.

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