The House with a clock in its walls (2018)

It is the magical journey of a young boy, around 10 years of age, Lewis along with some thrilling adventure. Lewis is an orphan who goes on to live with his uncle in an old fashioned house, who’s got a mysterious tick tocking heart. What? Hearts that beats (tick tocks) like a clock well! Well! Well! Let’s see… What the filmmakers have made…
But the town seems to be sleepy in appearance, gets back to life with a wizard & witches, when the young little boy tries awakening the dead… Lewis, gets to stay in his uncle ghostly kind of house, rather mansion.  he also comes to know that his uncle is a wizard. There is a secret hidden in the mansions walls.
Want to know more, wait until the movie is released! When is that, well! Read on till the end to know more!

Mysterical characters

Cate Blanchett – Mrs. Zimmerman.
Owen Vaccaro – Lewis Barnavelt
Kyle MacLachlan – Isaac Izard,
Colleen Camp – Mrs. Hanchett.
Vanessa Anne Williams – Rose Rita Pottinger
Lorenza Izzo – Mrs. Barnavelt

Tick tock, tick tock – time is running away

All those who are waiting to watch this thrilling, spine chilling flick, full of mysteries, get your seat booked for the 21st Sept 2018… All the best…

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