The Nun (2018)

The mother of all horror films is about to hit the theatres near you. Be ready for some petrifying dreadful scenes which will freeze you right in your tracks. The film tries to decipher the mystery that shrouds the suicide of a nun. The act of self-annihilation invites a lot of negative publicity and puts a question mark on the reputation of the Vatican. What follows is a series of shocking revelations and gory truth underlying the religious realms. The young nun of Romania who took her life comes back to haunt the living. The war between the beings which exist in parallel worlds ensues. The mystique gives way to blood curdling horror as she has become a malicious demon who wreaks havoc in the life of the human beings she encounters. She doesn’t even spare women and children. The angry soul seeks revenge from all the people and in the process strikes terror everywhere she can. Director Corin Hardy triumphs in evoking the fear factor to the zenith. The stars Taissa Farmiga and Bonnie Aarons deliver the performance of their lives. Definite thumbs up to the blood-curdler.

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