Colossal (2016)
Colossal (2016)

Movie:Colossal (2016) Watch online where once Gloria lost her job and forced out of her own apartment by her boyfriend, she gathers herself up and returns to her hometown where she learns about other unthinkable events.
Things get worse as she acquires a mental problem and can’t believe that such things are happening in her life. She gets confused about how to save the world and herself from the peril. When you look at this movie, other movies like Godzilla will come into your minds. Well, it has its own storyline as Anne who acts as Gloria happens to spend most of her time in bars and this is what led to her boyfriend to throw her out of their apartment
Certain scenes in this movie totally reveal how she was crazy and you can never blame her boyfriend for his acts. Later she has to face the hilarious creature that seems way much bigger and stronger than her
The act of drinking and having a crazy life is soon to be paused and face challenges that are to blow her minds away. We hope she survives in the end as she has a war to fight for the whole world.It is directed and written by Nancho Vigalondo and it is a comedy and as well as a romance movie.In the beginning, Toho Company launched its complaint for the use of Godzilla image in this movie but the complaint was settled later and filming began
Dan Stevens acts alongside Anne and we can recall him in movies like “The Guest” and so on. The movie has many who seem interested in watching it which sounds good so far.

IMDB: /10

Colossal (2016)


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