Captain America: civil war
Captain America: civil war

The movie is superhero’s movie which is going to give goose bumps to the audience as there is great thrill, adventure and breath taking suspense. Some illicit actions of the superheroes turn into the devastating battle between them and government which creates lot of disaster for the public also.

Captain America is leading the team of avengers who just fight against the treats across the globe but one twist just stop their hunting and leads to many devastating effects. After the escape of children and warriors for the massive explosion the US government implements the superhuman registration act by keeping all at safe side and forcing the all super powered beings to kneel before the government.

As the super powered heroes deny for the same and this event just provokes the public against the superheroes and Human Torch got assaulted by the uncontrolled mob. Even the trendy comes when the S.H.I.E.L.D requests the captain to join the war of superheroes but as soon as the captain refuses his antihuman response unit pacify him and he went underground.

Even the super heroes conduct the secret meeting with the president in which the Iron Man told him to take back his registration act but all went in vain as the super hero registration act becomes the Law.

Thereafter many heroes come in the front line including the Black Panther and superman who unfold their identity in front of the public in a press release and even unmasked themselves.

Story took turn when Iron man asks x-men to surrender in front of the law but he refused due to the reaction of the public but in the meanwhile Iron man came to know about the secret of the Captain America which he was concealing.

Then the actual adventure comes as there held a war between the Ironman and the captain and his secret avengers then the Thor who also fought secretly against the captain and his avengers’ kills the Goliath and explored as clone.

Soon the knot get simple and death of Goliath turns many to register but the truth of captain was still untold.

the climax uncovers the truth of Cap when he was about to win against the Iron man but got tracked by the emergency workers and then he also unmask himself and surrender in front of the public.

IMDB: /10

Captain America: civil war


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